Grass Lake Middle School

Grass Lake Middle School is an exciting and innovative environment in which all students' achievement is top priority. We have incorporated the LEAD (Leader in Me) philosophy and process into our school. We encourage and expect all our students to be leaders. Spanish I and Algebra are high school credit classes that are offered to our eighth graders. We have incorporated technology into every aspect of students learning through blogs, flipped classrooms, and other interactive websites and software to help our students learn in the 21st Century. Reading is one of the essential skills that all learning builds upon. We, at Grass Lake Middle School hope to encourage all our students to fall in love with reading. In order to facilitate this love for reading, we have a school wide reading break in the middle of the day. We once again will be offering a Math and ELA remediation class for students who need more small-group interventions to help them be successful. We always welcome visitors to come and see what we are all about. Please feel free to stop in. We look forward to talking with you soon.